A hideout for my thoughts.

So you've made it! Here's a place where I'll be writing about some things I think it's fun. First of all, I have to say that this is not supposed to be any source material for learning purposes. I'm not a specialist in anything yet, so all of the posts in this page are based on my interpretation and experience with the specific topic I'll be writing about. That being said, let me now show some of the reason I'm writing this blog for.

The first and the most important one is that writing (or typing) is really fun. I really enjoy writing about anything even if it won't be useful in the future. Just the process of elaborating a text syntactically and semantically seems to be something quite rewarding to me. Maybe that's why I like coding. The other reason is: self learning. You probably must've heard somewhere that teaching someone about something is in fact a good way to learn. And last but not least, I've recently watched a really interesting video which triggered me to start this blog.

This is my initial list of posts. I hope you enjoy the reading ^.^

[WIP] Notas de estudo em: Fundamentos da Metafísica dos Costumes - Kant

A obra retrata uma análise profunda de Kant sobre a Moral. Nestas notas de estudo, eu pretendo expor minha interpretação ao ler o texto, considerando o contexto histórico do autor. Peguemos uma xícara de café e apreciemos esta obra-prima. xD

[WIP] Study notes: Category Theory

This report is supposed to hold a summary of my studies in Category Theory. I'll be using the material of the professor Bartosz Milewski, it can be found at his website, feel encouraged to check it out (just google it and you'll find out).

Study notes: Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

These are my annotations and exercises when reading the book Seven Languages in Seven Weeks by Bruce Tate.

An arithmetic expressions evaluator with Kotlin and ANTLR4

I've recently been working with Kotlin and ANTLR4 in my IC project and one of the tasks I had to do is writing a parser using these two technologies. I didn't found much information online besides the ANTLR book and documentation. So, after reading them, I decided to make a short tutorial to make things easier for me and my colleagues.

An introduction to Rust implementing a functional list

In this post I'll implement a functional linked list using the Rust programming language. The goal of it is to provide an overview and explanatory view of the language, so I won't be focusing much in the data structure itself. Anyway, I hope you have some fun reading it =D