What I've done so far.

Work Experience

Software Developer - Datarisk

  • Development of a platform for AI products using F#.
  • Applied functional programming on real-world systems.
  • Experience with advanced language features such as Type Providers and Computation Expressions.

Compiler Developer - Imagine AI

  • Development of a compiler using Haskell.
  • Experience in using a functional programming language on a real-world project.
  • Implementation of a build infrastructure using Google Cloud Functions.
  • Code generation from an implemented DSL to popular frameworks such as Django and Node.

Undergraduate Research - LAC/UFMG

  • Research on Termination Analysis using tools available at SV-Comp.
  • Development of a domain specific language (Hapi) to define access policies.
  • Study of compilers and programming languages theory together with recent techniques that compilers use to analyze and optimize programs.

Full Stack JavaScript Developer - Tamborine Tecnologia

  • Design and implementation of frontend interfaces with React.
  • Development of backend APIs using NodeJS, database modeling with MongoDB, and implementation of unit and integration tests.
  • Study of software engineering and experience in real-world product development.


Bachelor of Computer Science - UFMG

  • 8º Semester


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