A short introduction about myself and this webpage.

Hi there! After a long time getting motivation and setting this up, I finally made it. In this place I plan to give a short presentation about myself. So if you're reading this, you're probably thinking about hiring me. In this case, you should definitely check out my portfolio. Otherwise, you're just stalking around. Then, you might enojoy reading some some fun stuff at my personal blog.

I built this webpage using Zola. You may find the source code at my github repository. Typos and suggestions are always welcome. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to keep a bilingual webpage - sorry brazilian folks =( - so most of the content here will be in English, specially the ones related to tech stuff. But there might be some in Portuguese as well.

As of writing this post, I'm 21 yo and currently in the third year of my Computer Science course at UFMG. Also, I work as an undergraduate research assistant at the Compilers Lab with some other colleagues and professors such as Fernando and Haniel. My main interests are related to Programming Languages, Functional Programming and Compilers. So you're probably guessing, and you're right, that I like to code mostly in Rust and Haskell. Although most of the time I work with Python, JS, C++ and Kotlin. For future learning, I have interest in getting in touch with the following topics: Elixir/Erlang/BEAM, Idris/Agda/Coq/Dependent Type Theory, Web Assembly and Game Dev.

For now, I'm just an newbie student, so probably there's no cool enough project worth showing here. That means that we're getting to an end =(. If you care about it, you can find my on Telegram by @flavluc. I love to chat around about random things, so hit me up anytime.

If you've read this until the end I just want to let you know that you're amazing! I hope you're having a great day, take care, stay safe and keep hydrated. If you're having a tough day, please take a break, treat yourself to something nice and remember that Koharu will be always here, in the right-bottom corner of the page, for you =)